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Logistics Service


By the (WMS) Warehouse Management System and (WIS) Web Information System, Customers enable to keep track and monitor of stock movements, discrepancy and reordering levels, and control expiry-date products. These features allow efficient inventory management and effective inventory replenishment planning with different kinds of reports and listings which can be easily and quickly customized to any particular purpose or preference.


For The FMCG Industry, The Fashion & Cosmetics Industry

- Repacking Of Various Kinds Of Commodities Into Gift Sets

- Labelling / Re-Labelling Of Cartons

- Repacking, Re-Labelling, Etc. of Reverse Logistics

- Upsizing / Downsizing Of Pallets

- Courier Shipment Handling

- E-Ordering And Systems Integration

- E-Commerce Integration

- Barcode Labelling Of Garments

- Quantity And Style Checking

- Climate Controlled Storage

- Barcode Scanning For Inventory Management